Contact Information

We invite all former members of the Charleston Law Review to fill out this brief survey to provide us with their updated contact information. Additionally, we would love to hear about former members’ experiences on the CLR and the insights they gained as a result of their membership. Alumni are further encouraged to share their thoughts about and suggestions for the planning of future events or programs for both past and present CLR members. We will appreciate all ideas and feedback.


The Charleston Law Review  plans to host a reception each summer in Charleston for past, present, and incoming CLR members. Any current CLR member or any CLR alumnus who is interested in hosting or in helping plan a reception should please contact Taylor Tugya, the CLR‘s Managing Editor, at

Campus Visits

The Charleston Law Review  invites CLR alumni to visit campus to meet current members and share insights from their careers. Any alumnus who will be on campus or who is interested in visiting to talk informally with CLR members should please contact Taylor Tugya, the CLR‘s Managing Editor, at

Journal News

The Charleston Law Review  would love to showcase the achievements of CLR alumni on the home page of our website. Any alumnus who would like to be so featured or who has exciting news to share should please email Taylor Tugya, the CLR‘s Managing Editor, at